Spices and their features 

Spices possess aromas and flavours, which derive mainly from essential oils and the resinous substances they contain. Spices are dried before use and only then develop their full aromas and flavours.

The benefits of spices to the human body

Plenty of research on spices has shown that a lot of them contain substances which can protect healthy human cells. One of these substances is curcumin.

Furthermore, many spices contain antioxidants, which eliminate a great number of harmful chemical elements and their effects on the human body. One of these antioxidants is called eugenol, which is found in a lot of spices and has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

Mediterranean herbs

The Mediterranean basin has always been one of the most significant cultural focal points. This might be the reason why the plants found in this area were studied and evaluated much earlier than those found in other areas of our planet. From Ancient Egypt to Asia Minor and from Homer to the ancient Greek philosophers we come across references to the Mediterranean flaura and numerous elements which, quite often, intertwine history with mythology, medicine with magic and nature with art.