The cuisine

At Jimmy’s restaurant you will find dishes and specialties based on a variety of traditional Corfiot, Greek and Mediterranean recipes.

Greek gastronomic culture combines extraordinary taste with pure, high quality ingredients. Therefore our recipes are a combination of various local and Greek products which are typical to the Mediterranean healthy and tasty cuisine.


Mediterranean diet

 The cuisine and gastronomic tradition are a significant element of a nation’s cultural identity and a means of communication between its people. What makes the Greek-Mediterranean cuisine stand out from other cuisines is the combination of the following elements: unique ingredients, the Greek philosophy regarding nutrition and the idea of sharing your meals with others, the country itself and the surrounding atmosphere.

The Greek cuisine has four secrets: fresh and high quality ingredients, proper use of herbs and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity. The protection of the local Mediterranean cuisine and of people’s right to flavour and enjoyment is gradually leading to a form of cultural and gastronomic tourism, respecting the environment and cultural traditions and promoting Greek products.

The philosophy

The time of day when the Greeks gather around the table to enjoy a meal or various appetizers is a tradition kept eagerly alive by most people in this country. For Greeks, sharing a meal with friends, whether at home, at a restaurant or a taverna, is a deeply-rooted social habit. The Greek word “symposium” (meaning drinking with others) is as old as the country itself. The atmosphere in a typical Greek restaurant or taverna is relaxed, simple and without formalities. The preparation of the food, on the other hand, has its own sacred rules. Good amateur chefs are highly regarded and valued in their social environment, while a good housewife in Greece is always a good cook as well. And a good cook may spend days preparing a meal for his/her friends.